Dinner plates to delight all your guests

Dinner plates can really make or break your dining room look. You may have plate collections for different occasions, from outdoor-safe plates, formal occasions to special sets for your kids. Whatever type of plate you're after, you'll find the right dinnerware set for you on eBay.

Dinnerware plates

If you like cooking, then you want your creations to look their best. Show off your culinary expertise on matching dining sets. Blue, grey, white to red and pretty much any colour you like can be used to make every meal a delight. Australian Master Chef here we come.

Choose a porcelain dinner plate set to match your kitchen colour scheme, or colour coordinated ceramic bowls to dole out a quick pile of pasta to your hungry family. Everything your indoor dining requires can be found on eBay.

Outdoor eating

If you enjoy taking your brekky outside in the morning, or you are a barbie master, then choosing plates suitable for using outside is a must. Melamine or plastic plates are hardwearing and unbreakable, perfect for dining outdoors. They come in all sorts of great patterns too.

If you're having a party, check out disposable and recyclable paper plates. These make tidying up a doddle, and you don't have to worry about running out of stuff to serve your sausages on if any extra mates show up. Plus they are super lightweight for taking on picnics, and you don't have to bring a load of washing up home with you afterwards.

Kids dining plates

Find a wide range of plates and bowls suitable for the littlest family members. High rims, plastic bowls, unbreakable plates and even suction bottom bits for sticking on high chairs. No worries if your toddler decides to chuck their dinner on the floor (again) they'll be foiled by plates that are stuck down.

You won't have to worry about clumsy older kids dropping your best plates if you use your outdoor unbreakable plates for them when they are indoors too. Everyone's a winner.