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Dinosaur Unisex Costumes

Dinosaurs are a favourite of children and adult alike. Anyone who grew up watching Land of the Lost, the Jurassic Park movies or even Godzilla, has fond memories of watching his or her beloved prehistoric monster in action. For the younger set getting ready for Halloween parties at school or trick-or-treating or adults attending parties of their own, a unisex dinosaur costume offers many possibilities.

Are there different types of dinosaurs available?

Most unisex dinosaur costumes are available as a more generic-looking dinosaur, especially when it comes to kids' costumes and lower-priced costumes. However, some of the major costume brands manufacture costumes portraying specific dinosaurs like:

  • Tyrannosaurus rex
  • Pterodactyl
  • Triceratops

Just like the real thing, T-rex costumes have long tails, short arms and large heads with seemingly larger teeth.

What sizes do unisex dinosaur costumes come?

Kids' sizes of unisex dinosaur costumes range in size from small to large. A small is ideal for children ages 4 to 6, a medium is suited for kids from age 7 to 9 and large kid's works best for ages 10 to 12. Children 13 or older or who are taller or bigger than kids their age should opt for adult costumes. Unisex dinosaur adult costumes range from one size first all, sometimes referred to as standard or regular, and XL. There are also some plus-size or big and tall unisex dinosaur suits available from time to time.

What are some other features of unisex dinosaur costumes?

Many unisex dinosaur costumes are made from fabrics like cotton, cotton-polyester blends and polyester. There are also dinosaur costumes referred to as piggyback costumes that have the costume wearer appear to be getting a piggyback ride from the dinosaur. Another popular type of unisex dinosaur costume are those that are inflatable. This means that there are pockets on various parts of the dinosaur costume that can be inflated to make the wearer look bigger. Some accessories to consider wearing with a unisex dinosaur costume include dinosaur-themed contact lenses and coloured shoe covers. For those who just want to look like a dinosaur without getting all dressed up, a dinosaur mask makes that possible.

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