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Dirt Jumper Bikes

Ride in style with dirt jump bicycles

Are you a fearless rider who spends most of your time in the air doing aerial stunts? If so, its no surprise that youre looking to buy a dirt jump bike. These bikes are built for biggest, craziest airborne acrobatics. If your heart is set on buying a dirt jump bicycle, youre in the right place, as there are many of them for sale on eBay alongside a huge range of parts and components.

An overview of dirt jump bikes

Dirt jump bikes are really a crossbreed, a fusion of freeride bikes and BMX bikes. Sometimes called street or urban mountain bikes, theyre essentially an oversized BMX which usually only have suspension in the front. Many dirt jump bicycles have a single brake, single speed gears, a small frame, oversized handlebars and a low seat, making them ideal for stunt riding. Dirt jumpers have a lower stand-over height and robust wheels, frames and components, allowing riders perform jumps and tricks without the saddle getting in the way or the bike becoming damaged. Dirt jump bikes usually feature 24 or 26-inch mountain bike wheels.

Dirt jump bicycles vs. dirt jump style bikes

It is important to recognise the difference between hardy dirt jump bikes and the dirt jump style bicycles frequently sold in brick and mortar stores such as supermarkets and toy shops. Dirt jump style bikes have adopted the design and aesthetics of a jump bike, however, theyre not built to be tough enough to perform tricks and jumps at several feet in the air.

Dirt jumpers have tube shapes designed to withstand the biggest impacts and flattened steering angles providing the right balance between stability and agility. Youll find a wide range of dirt jump bicycles for sale on eBay, however, take your time during the purchase process to ensure you choose the right bike for you.