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When you want tough sunglasses that are built to last, one of the most popular brands you can investigate is Dirty Dog Eyewear. A company which finds its origins in the world of extreme sports, they’re bringing tough, durable and edgy sunglasses designs into the commercial world. So, if your eyes need the best protection going around, it’s time you checked out Dirty Dog.

They offer an awesome range of men’s and women’s eyewear, both sunglasses and optical frames. For the more adventurous, there’s also extreme sports eyewear, such as snowboarding goggles, and they also manufacture some incredible snow helmets. So, whether you just want high-quality lifestyle sunglasses or you need something more hardcore for life on the edge, you’ll find it all here with Dirty Dog Eyewear.

Sunglasses built for performance

We all want sunglasses to look great, that’s a given. But sometimes an eyewear manufacturer comes along who are all about the technical side of making high-performance eyewear. Dirty Dog have studied long and hard, harnessing only the very best quality materials and technology to bring you sunglasses that can really stand up to some pain.

Sometimes we don’t treat our sunglasses with a whole lot of care – we all have to admit that. Which is exactly why you want Dirty Dog performance eyewear. Complete with protection from UVA, UVB and UVC rays, polarised lenses will also protect the wearer from glare. By using advanced composite materials and innovative design solutions, these sunglasses are lightweight, comfortable, and most of all responsive to the demands of a modern, active lifestyle.

The design philosophy is to fuse function with attitude, and that clearly shows!

Sunglasses for men

Dirty Dog men’s sunglasses come in all sorts of styles, and they’re up for any challenges you throw at them. With advanced technology making stronger lenses, stronger frames, less glare and better clarity of vision, Dirty Dog really knows how to put together a reliable pair of shades.

From lifestyle designs for the casual wearer, to the extra durability of their extreme sports eyewear, no matter what you need, Dirty Dog has you covered. They’ve also got an awesome range of optical frames to choose from too, meaning you can rock some glasses with attitude even when the sun isn’t shining! 

Women’s sunglasses and accessories

When you browse through the Dirty Dog sunglasses for women, you’ll see many of the same designs found in the men’s range. That’s because many of the designs are unisex, and built for style and protection no matter what gender you are. But there’s also specific women’s glasses that feature an ideal blend of fashion, comfort, durability and edge. 

When you’re a busy woman on the go, you don’t need to be messing around with cheap, throwaway sunglasses brands. To get out there and live your best life, you need glasses that will do the job in any conditions, whether you’re relaxing on the beach or hitting the slopes for some snowboarding action. Whatever you need from your glasses, you’ll find it here with Dirty Dog.

Lifestyle Plastic TR90

The lifestyle range from Dirty Dog mixes lightweight comfort with superior visual clarity, all wrapped up in stylish, trendy designs. Complete with UV protection and polarised lenses, you can keep your eyes safe and shield yourself from glare with the whole Lifestyle Plastic TR90 collection. Featuring a range of lens tints, you can also choose one that perfectly matches your own unique style.

The shapes are great too, so it doesn’t matter what your style preference is. From oval, rectangle, round and even a more wraparound style, this diverse range of everyday eyewear has something for everyone.

Lifestyle Metal

Sometimes, style must be put ahead of functionality, right? We all love a pair of fashionable sunglasses that make us feel great no matter what we’re wearing, and that’s where the Lifestyle Metal collection from Dirty Dog comes in. 

Featuring metal frames that use advanced electroplating and powder coating technologies, these fashion sunglasses won’t let you down like inferior brands. Resistant to oxidation and corrosion, Dirty Dog’s metal frames not only look good, but they will outlast many cheaper alternatives. While remaining lightweight and comfortable, Dirty Dog’s metal frames range are built to look awesome and last the distance.

Safety glasses

Just because you’re on a worksite, that doesn’t mean you have to be inconvenienced by chunky goggles that make your work even harder. Dirty Dog presents its range of safety glasses that feature technology like no other. Complete with a scratch-resistant lens coating, these safety glasses offer the ultimate protection, keeping you free from hazards and glare while remaining lightweight and comfortable.

The sleek, curved design wraps to the contour of the cheekbone, protecting the sensitive and vulnerable areas around the eyes, so you’ve got maximum protection from all angles, with no degradation in peripheral vision. When safety comes first, choose Dirty Dog safety glasses.

Snow gear

Do you like hitting the mountains for some extreme snowboarding or skiing action? Then you’re going to love the selection of snow safety gear from Dirty Dog. To keep your eyes clear of the elements they’ve got polycarbonate goggles, treated with an anti-fog coating to give you maximum clarity even in the harshest conditions. Their unique ventilation also protects from fogging. With comfortable face foam around the edges, you can be assured of maximum comfort.

There’s also snow helmets on offer for those who take their sports to the extreme. The ergonomic, lightweight design of these helmets ensure you’re not slowed down by them, but they give you all the protection you need for safe ride. Built in accordance with rigorous testing standards, don’t trust your cranium in any other helmet!

Optical frames

Dirty Dog aren’t all about extreme sports and edgy sunglasses – they want you to look and feel great all the time! That’s why they’ve created an awesome range of optical frames, meaning you can live your everyday life with stylish glasses.

The frames are treated and coated to withstand the elements, and since they’re made mainly from acetate, they can be easily adjusted by an optician to get that perfect fit.