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Plough through your work

If there's a big patch of land that needs seeing to, the chances are a plough will do the trick. Whether you're looking to just tear up all of the weeds that have suddenly appeared out of nowhere and are too thick to sort by hand, or you want to get to work on the soil and have it ready for planting, a disc plough is an excellent addition to the end of your tractor.

Depending on what width you're after, and how much ground you have to cover, there is a great range of disc ploughs to be had. Something heavy duty is great for large fields, or uneven ground full of upturned items that could prove a nightmare to some of the more lightweight options.

Heavy duty disc ploughs

Australia is known for its hardy soil. If you're planning to put crops down where you're based, you need to know that you can break the soil down to as fine a level as possible. If there are too many lumps or earth or tough stubble, your planter will struggle and you could well wreck your other farming and agriculture equipment. A heavy duty disc plough will make planting a walk in the park.

Folding disc ploughs

Unless you have a large farm and a warehouse or two, storage is important when considering what plough to purchase. There are many folding versions available to help with getting it back in the garage without it taking up all of the room or creating a tripping hazard in a busy working environment.

So no matter what bearing you want your plough to have, the kinds of implements you want to add on, you've got a great chance of finding it here. With many spare parts also available, you can deal with any problems that crop up with your crops by finding the perfect replacement disc plough part for you. Complete your farming equipment with a new seeder or fertiliser spreader, also available on eBay.