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Disco costumes

A classic disco costume is always going to be a favourite! Reveling in the past of the 60’s, 70’s and even 80’s can definitely be a thrill and it’s all about the costume. Whether, you need an outfit for a party, Halloween or even for a performance such as a play, there are many great options here.

What to look for when buying your disco costume

Firstly, you need to have an idea of what you are going for. Are you going to be symbolizing the classic dynamite dude, John Travolta or even ABBA’s Benny Bjorn? This can help you in not being so overwhelmed with the number of choices you have available to you.

Flared sleeves and bell bottoms

The signature look of a disco costume embodies the flare of sleeves and pants for that dramatic look. The flare out will usually begin around the elbows and knees for full emphasis on the style.


Whether you are in a suit, a shirt or a jumpsuit - you need to have a collar. This way you have the option to ‘pop’ your collar.


What your costume is made out of is going to determine how comfortable it is to wear. You will have the option of a variety of materials so you can get the ideal look you are after. Polyester and cotton blends are common for the majority of your outfit. However, you will get shirts that are made from sequins, metallic and shimmery material to ensure you get the right disco vibe.


The disco shoes can bring your whole look together. Traditionally most disco costumes are accompanied by a heel wedge platform boot that is usually made of vinyl. If you don't want a heel you can opt for a classic boot. Your boot could reach anywhere between your ankle to your knee depending on the style you are going for. If you have a shoe that rises higher than the ankle, avoid the flared pants so you can easily tuck your pants into your shoe.


You need to have disco accessories! You can't get a true disco look without them. Find a wig to fully complete your look and even some jewelry such as a chunky chain, a microphone or even a disco ball!

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