Let dishwashers do your dirty work

Imagine what you could do with the time and effort you spend washing up at the sink. Modern dishwashers are designed to effectively remove dirt and baked on grease from your pots, plates, and cutlery in no time. There are loads of makes and models available on eBay, including big name brands like Bosche, Miele, and Electrolux.

Freestanding dishwashers

If you already have a space in your kitchen designed to house a freestanding or integrated dishwasher, these units are ideal. Many Bosch dishwashers come with all sorts of modern gadgets too, like a child lock to prevent the appliance being opened in the middle of a cycle.

Modern designs are ultra quiet and many come with glass protection technology, so you can be confident that your glassware will stay in one piece. Available in white, black, and sleek stainless steel, choose the ideal colour to match your existing kitchen colours and appliances.

Benchtop dishwashers

Sometimes called countertop dishwashers or tabletop dishwashers, these mini appliances still come with all the mod cons of their full-size counterparts, just in a more compact version. Ideal for smaller kitchens or holiday homes, many benchtop dishwashers come with amazing electric and water efficiency, and multiple programme cycles.

Double door dishwashers

This type of dishwasher has two drawers, making it perfect for couples or small families who may not produce enough dirty plates and cutlery for a full load. The double drawer design means you no longer need to feel guilty about running a half-empty machine and wasting water, as the drawers are operated separately. You can sort each load more efficiently, thanks to the half load option.

Available in white and stainless steel, double door dishwashers are quiet and very efficient to run. Fisher and Paykel machines are a very popular option as they're durable, reliable, and very compact. Regardless of the size of your kitchen and family, you can find the perfect dishwasher for your home.