Disney Pixar Car Diecast Vehicles

The perfect present for lovers of Cars

There’s no shortage of toys on the market. When you’re searching for the perfect toy, how should you sift through to the toy your child will truly want? Disney Pixar Car diecast vehicles offer the same cute characters and endless fun of the Cars movies themselves.

Choose your vehicle

The first choice you’ll need to make when buying Disney Pixar Car diecast vehicles is the type of vehicle your child would like best. Since the characters in the movie franchise vary from tractors to trucks to race cars, there are endless vehicles to choose from. Larger semi-trucks may be easier for smaller children to grab and push, while older children might like diecast vehicles that look fast and furious.

Choose your characterFrom Doc Hudson to Sally Carrera, everyone has a favourite Cars character. After you’ve chosen the type of vehicle to buy, it’s time to choose which character will appear on your Disney Pixar Cars. These diecast vehicles are printed with the same animated faces and markings as your child has seen in the movies, so they’ll be instantly recognisable. You can even purchase a hauler and race car pair like Lighting McQueen and Mack Hauler. By buying the racing pair, your child will be able to re-enact scenes from the movies and transport their race car from the family room to the finish line.

Enjoy roaring races and hours of amusement with Disney Pixar Car diecast vehicles from eBay!