Display Cabinets

Showcase your favourite items in a display cabinet

Display cabinets are a timeless and elegant way to show off your most precious keepsakes. From heavy freestanding vintage units to wall-mounted contemporary styles, theres a cabinet to suit every purpose. Practical and versatile, these pieces of furniture are ideal for living rooms, offices, dining rooms, kitchens or anywhere else you and your family spend time.

Wood wall cabinets

Lets face it, everyone likes to show off a little. We all have something at home that were proud of, from college certificates to heirlooms and ornaments. You can find a wide variety of wood display cabinets available to suit any taste and in range of materials including oak, mahogany and teak.

Wood display cabinets typically come with shelving made from either wood or glass, and can have anything from just a single shelf to five or more. The cabinet door can be made from single panes of glass, or contain wood inserts, depending on the style of the unit.

Timber wall cabinets

Timber wall display cabinets are particularly great for the kitchen, where you can store your favourite plates or cookware. Not only will these cabinets keep your items together so they dont get lost, they will also help to keep the items on display safe.

Many units also have drawers and cupboards at the bottom for storing cutlery and any other essentials. Shelves may be made of glass or timber, depending on the style of the cabinet.

Often these heavy, elegant units are ideal for offices and studies for storage of books and papers, as well as ornaments.

Glass display cabinets

Glass display cabinets are more modern in appearance and come in a wide range of shapes and sizes to suit any room or purpose.

Ideal for storing jewellery or ornaments which look best when the light catches them, glass display cabinets are typically found in offices, hotels and shops. Units with glass doors and shelves are also easy to clean and are perfect for showing shiny, sparkly items at their best.

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