Disposable Breathalysers

Stay safe with best-selling disposable breathalysers

Whether you want to know your own alcohol level or monitor that of others, it’s important to have a breathalyser that tells you. The police are not the only ones that have all the answers to your toxicity levels. We’ve rounded up a page of the best-selling breathalysers on the internet to help you pick a great product.

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Surprisingly, there are a variety of different kind of breathalyser, giving you plenty of choice. Pick from different sizes, colours and materials. Why not choose one with a build in LCD screen that gives you all the information right away easily? Or you can opt for a simple, easy to use analog screen. If you’re going to be sharing your breathalyser, you could buy a model with a disposable mouthpiece that you can throw away after each use. If you don’t want something disposable, electronic breathalysers are also a popular choice. Just don’t forget to charge it before you leave the house. Testing for something other than alcohol? There are many over-the-counter drug tests that you can purchase here from eBay too.