Disposable nappies you can trust

Any parent in Australia will tell you that choosing the right nappy is more important than you'd think. If you opt to use disposable nappies instead of cloth nappies, you'll probably be using them for convenience. Inevitably, this will add an extra expense to your shopping bill. Therefore, if you're paying for convenience, in return you deserve to have a high-quality nappy that performs well, doesn't leak or slip, and saves you precious time.

Basic nappies

You can find basic nappies from brands like Pampers, Huggies, BabyLove. and even some eco products from brands such as Bambo Nature in Australia. If you're a first-time parent with a newborn, you may be surprised by just how many disposables you go through. This does lessen as they get slightly older, but you may spend time trying different types before settling on a favourite. Looking at reviews, you could find that a cheaper disposable nappy is rated as high as the more expensive ones, so it's good to do your homework. It's always good to also bear in mind your baby's weight. Although you get newborn, crawler and toddler nappies, a weight guide will help you get a snug, comfortable fit.

Swimming nappies

A day-to-day nappy won't cut it if you're going swimming. Firstly, the nappy will absorb half the pool, which is more than a little uncomfortable for your little one. Secondly, it's not hygienic. A swim nappy is designed to hold in messes, but they're not absorbent. Many swimming nappies have handy features like easy-opening sides and extra leak protection. This means that you can change your baby quickly and get back to having fun with the bathing toys at the local swimming pool or your inflatable pool in the backyard.

Training pants and overnight pants

When your child is trying to move onto the next stage of being nappy-free, training pants can be a good tool. They stretch more than a basic disposable nappy, pull on like pants, and are less absorbent, giving you a good middle ground to work from when potty training. You can also find overnight nappies, for older children and toddlers who need extra protection at night.