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Docket Books

Most docket books on eBay come in packs of 100, with each individual book including 50 sets of duplicate carbonless dockets. The sets are always numbered and usually split into a white first page and light yellow second page. The size of actual docket books vary, but they tend to fall within a certain range. At the small end of the scale you might find a docket book that is 93mm x 196mm, while larger docket books are 99mm x 210mm. There are medium-sized options in between that range as well. Its also possible to buy triplicate sheet docket books with 50 sets of three sheets (usually white, yellow and blue). Take-away docket books are single sheets with clear order numbers displayed at the top or bottom. They are designed to be handed out as proof of purchase to customers waiting for their order to be ready. The sheets in any type of genuine docket book will always be perforated for quick and easy tearing.

Every cafe, restaurant and take-away business needs dockets to write up orders and ensure a smooth process between wait staff, kitchen, front of house service and payments at the cash register. Even in the modern world of technology, most businesses in the food sector rely on old fashioned dockets So why not skip the stress and buy your restaurant docket books in bulk? You wont run out in the middle of a busy period at breakfast, lunch or dinner, and youll almost certainly save by stocking up on these must-have items in advance.

Sizes and options

A busy hospitality business requires more than just paper dockets to operate efficiently all day, every day. Fortunately you can find all your money handling and counting devices on eBay too, meaning youll never be caught short when the orders and cash are rolling in fast.