The Joy of DVD and Blu-ray Movies

With the rise of streaming services, DVDs and Blu-rays are perhaps not as popular as they once were. So, why bother with DVDs and Blu-rays if streaming is now such an easy option? Well, first of all, with streaming services, an internet connection is always required. If that internet connection happens to be a bit sketchy, then the streaming service is not going to be streaming much of anything. There is also the fact that streaming shows and movies uses up a crazy amount of data, so for anyone who doesn’t have a crazy big data allowance, that could again be a problem.

What about places that don’t have internet at all? What, those places actually exist? Why, yes they do. Plenty of places in Australia are not blessed with reliable internet, and still have to put up with dial-up speeds – and that’s if they get any connection at all. As for travelling overseas, many travellers don’t have data to throw around on streaming services – and with geoblocking, their streaming account may not work overseas anyway. So, what’s the alternative? DVDs and Blu-rays, of course! With a DVD or Blu-ray, avid viewers can watch what they like, when they like, with no internet connection required. They can watch that disc again and again, day after day, year after year. Got kids? That particular ability to replay over and over could come in very handy indeed. Surely watching a movie three times in one day is never too much, when it’s Frozen.

Documentary DVD and Blu-ray Movies

Love documentaries? There are heaps of documentaries on disc, covering everything from animals and nature, to sports and war. Got an interest in something? Chances are there’s a documentary about it. Home to an awesome range of movies, eBay is the place to find all the best documentary DVD and Blu-ray movies. Discover biography and historical docos, and everything in between – as well as neat movie memorabilia and television memorabilia as well.