Dog Blankets

Treat your good boy or girl to a great dog blanket today

There’s nothing quite like snuggling under a blanket to help achieve peak cosiness, and if your dog could talk, he or she would definitely agree. As seasons change and temperatures drop, why not invest in a new blanket for your best furry friend?

Comfort for all ages

Are you the parent of a brand new puppy? Help them settle into life in your pack with a warm and comforting fleece blanket. Although many puppies go through a restless transition phase when they first come home with you, giving them a snuggly security blanket can ease their anxiety. And if your dog’s puppy days are long gone, cushioned blankets can help ease the demand on ageing joints.

Cosy and clean

Not only do blankets offer supreme comfort for your four-legged pal, many designs offer non-toxic, non-allergenic and antibacterial properties to ensure your pet stays healthy and happy. Some blankets even come with a rubber back, so even the most excitable pup won’t slip and slide all over the place. And if your pet is prone to accidents, quick-drying materials combined with dog odour and stain removal products will keep the blankets in top condition.

A design to match your doggo

Whether your mutt’s personality pairs well with vibrant colours, suits a more neutral palette, or is all about proclaiming that its breed is best, you’ll be able to find a dog blanket that suits. Do you have a Boston Terrier who would love nothing more than snuggling up on a bed that looks exactly like them? You can make that happen. Has your pet been known to rock a variety of epic dog costumes? Then it’s time to invest in an equally eye-catching statement dog blanket – think spots, stars or tropical leaf patterns.

If you’re looking for a new dog blanket for that furry addition to your family, or you need to upgrade your current collection, eBay has a range of designs to keep your canine comfy. Check them out today!