Handy pet brushes for a happy pet

Finding the right pet brush for your dog and cat is so important to keeping them clean and looking smart. With a range of dog supplies and grooming accessories on eBay to give you a helping hand, you'll be sure to keep your pet's coat healthy, shiny and glossy.

Dog and puppy brushes

Remove excess hair, dirt and dog fleas or ticks from your dog or puppy's coat with a good quality dog brush from eBay. Not only will it keep your pet's fur in the best condition possible, it's also a fantastic way to bond with them too.

Available in a huge variety of colours and styles, for both long and short-haired breeds, it's worth spending some time researching the best excess hair removal tool for the job.

Cat and kitten brushes

For both long and short-haired cats and kittens, it's important to make sure your pet is groomed regularly and thoroughly. Not only do cats often find it a relaxing and bonding experience, it also helps to prevent the ingestion of excess fur which can then lead to dangerous fur balls.

If your cat's hair is particularly matted, it's worth trying a grooming comb too. Featuring sharpened steel blades that can tackle tough tangles easily and efficiently, the rubber grip on the handle keeps your hand in a natural position to avoid aching. The non-slip rubber coating also gives excellent control for safe, effective mat removal with very little effort.

Toothbrushes for dogs

Dental hygiene is as important to your dog as it is to you. If you notice your dog has signs of plaque build-up or excessively bad breath, it's well worth investing in a good firm bristle tooth cleaning kit. Not only are standard sized dental brushes available, you can even now buy small silicone finger brushes. Great for puppies and very small breeds, these non-toxic finger brushes gently clean away even hidden dirt and are ideal for travelling.