Dog Cages

Whether you are welcoming a new puppy to the family or introducing an older dog, dog cages are a great way to settle in your new four-legged friend. Giving them a space of their own to rest, sleep and keep all of their comforts, a dog cage can be vital to their developing routine as they enjoy family life.

Dog cages are handy for a range of uses. They are commonly favoured as a training aid, teaching your dog to have its own area of the house, somewhere for them to retreat to and to identify as theirs. Their cage can be used to encourage a regular sleeping pattern, ensuring they don't put themselves in harm's way when left alone.

Types of dog cage

The type of dog cage you require will ultimately depend on the breed and size of your dog. Consider whether the cage is for use throughout its life or just for a training aid as they grow. Take into account how much room a dog cage can take up and where it will go, weighing up how practical it will be in fitting with your dog's needs as well as your own.

A folding dog cage is the perfect solution for any home, giving you the ability to pack it up and tidy away when it's not in use. Folding dog cages can be found in various sizes, from small to extra large, giving your pooch all the room it needs to enjoy and relax.

Car and travel dog cages can be great for transporting your pet safely and securely while protecting your car at the same time. These are often available in various materials and fold to enable easy storage when not in use.

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