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Citronella Dog Collars

As loving, majestic and perfect in every way as we all know our beloved dogs are, there are times when it would be truly wonderful if we could convince them to stop barking. Whether it's throughout the night when you really do need your eight hours, or during the day when you're away at work and the neighbours have come round to complain a few too many times. But how do you stop a dog from barking? The last thing anyone wants to do is hurt or upset their beloved pup, but it turns out that just mildly annoying them is the best way to break the habit of never ending barking. Citronella dog collars are a safe, humane and very effective means of (gently) discouraging your dog from barking its head off at all hours of the day and night. The citronella spray dog collar is like any other, except for the fact that it boats a small, battery powered spray device filled with a natural, lemon-scented essential oil - citronella. This device, which is usually re-fillable and very low in power consumption, sits just above your dog's chest and emits a light mist every time they bark. Whilst the citronella is absolutely safe for both people and dogs, your furry friend will not like the smell of it, and after a short time will come to associate this annoying consequence with barking.

If you really want to, you can choose any dog collar of your preference and then separately purchase the citronella device and fit it to that collar - although this may be more fiddly and difficult than simply purchasing the collar and device together. If your pup is something of a woofer, explore the range of citronella dog collars available online and add it to your list the next time you purchase food, toys, dog bedding, flea remedies or any of the other things you need to keep your number one friend healthy and happy.

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