Dog Costumes

Costumes for Dogs

Halloween is a time for the young and old to dress-up as some of their favourite characters and trick-or-treat, go to parties, and simply have fun. Many people like to include their pets on this holiday as well by dressing them up in costumes. Often times, owners will even choose to have a group costume and include their pets. Because it’s becoming increasingly popular to dress-up your dogs for Halloween, there are a multitude of choices for any sized canine. In similar fashion, dog costumes mimic those of adult costumes and can range in style from traditional costumes such as princesses and gentleman, food, other animals, favourite cartoons and movie characters, and storybook characters. These costumes are always dog friendly, with openings for your dog’s collar as well as space to allow them to go to the bathroom. Most of the costumes can easily slip over your pups head and Velcro under their chest. The costumes shouldn’t be too restricting and allow your dog to still move freely.

Costume Accessories

If a full costume is not in order for your dog there are still plenty of ways to dress up your pooch. There are pretty dog bows that can be easily attached to your dogs ears or hind quarters. Other options to dress-up your dog include neck gears such as fancy collars, necklaces or neck ties. Hats, tail accessories, skirts, and belts are also a fun option. For the dogs that can handle shoes, booties can also add a fun element to any costume.

Clothing for Dogs

Aside from costumes and accessories for your dogs to wear specifically just for parties or Halloween, there are many more options to dress up your dog on an everyday basis. Dog clothing can include coats and jackets to keep them warm in the winter, t-shirts, sweatshirts, skirts, hats, scarves, and booties. For dogs that don’t have a lot of fur, many of these clothing option aren’t just for show and truly keep your dog warm on cold days. All clothing options come in sizes that will fit most pooches. From extra small to extra large, no dog will feel left out with nothing to wear.