Dog Dishes, Feeders & Fountains

Dog Dishes, Feeders and Fountains

While some owners can get carried away when buying things for their four legged friends, there are certain essentials that all dogs need in their life. Nope, funnily enough, that’s not little doggy tutus or puppy pyjamas. As with humans, the most essential things in life for dogs are food and water. So, it goes without saying that dogs need quality food and water dishes. 

When it comes to doggie food bowls, there are various options on offer. Yes, there are the standard round dishes, but there are other types too. Have trouble with ants getting into Rover’s dinner bowl? There are dog bowls that can stymie crawling bugs such as ants, allowing Rover to eat his dinner in peace without having to share a single bite. Perhaps Rover eats too fast? Yep, there are bowls to help with that too. Built to make dogs slow down as they eat, these bowls can prevent Rover from gobbling down his dinner too quickly.

For owners who are away most of the day, an automatic feeder can be an excellent option. These handy devices drop dry food into the bowl, allowing Rover to enjoy his meal, even if he is alone. As for water bowls, again, these come in standard options as well as more fancy alternatives. To keep water fresh, a water fountain ensures the water in the bowl is always moving. This is also perfect for dogs who prefer to drink from a fountain rather than a bowl.

Buying Dog Dishes, Feeders and Fountains

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