Dog Fences

Want to keep your pet safe while still giving them room to roam outside? A pet fence could be the perfect barrier for keeping other people's dogs away and can help to keep your four legged friend healthy and away from diseases passed on by strays.

A fence for every dog

When choosing any dog supplies, it’s important to assess the needs and behaviours of your pet before you buy an enclosure. You will need to buy a fence that’s high enough so your pet can’t escape and big enough to fit a dog bed with room to play. You’ll also need to consider your pets habits such as digging and chewing, as some dogs will dig under a fence or chew through a fence to escape. If you're buying a fence for a puppy and you plan on using the fence for many years, take into account how big your dog will grow to once fully matured.

Safety comes first

If you have a new pet or are training a dog, a fence is a smart option to keep them contained while they are learning new behaviours. Easy to assemble playpens can be especially helpful if there are young children in your home. Just make sure your choose a playpen with a child friendly lock and small holes so little hands can't poke through.

Types of fences

There are two types of dog fences which are play-pen enclosures and invisibles fences that use an activated collar. Both fences are very different and should be used for different types of pets.

A play-pen style enclosure is usually made from metal or plastic. With high visibility, these fences are perfect for strong and energetic dogs that you would like to keep an eye on.

The invisible fence works by burying a wire around the perimeter of your home. The dog wears a mild electric shock collar that is activated when the dog attempts to leave the perimeter. This is a great option for obedient and relaxed dogs or used in addition to a regular fence for dogs who require extra safety.

We hope these tips will help you to find the perfect fence for your pooch on eBay, shop today!