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A Guide to Dog Houses

Whether you are an aspiring dog owner or you already have a furry pet sharing the house with the family, providing your pet with a dog house is a great second home. This is especially true if your dog enjoys spending time outdoors. Dog houses are built out of a variety of materials, and they are designed based on weather, dog size, and placement location.

What building materials are dog houses made of?

Part of choosing the right dog house is knowing which material suits your furry friend.

  • Metal: These pet houses are generally built of steel or aluminum, and a majority of them are insulated, which keeps the dog warm in colder temperatures. Metal dog houses are more commonly used when transporting a dog between places, but they can be used as year-round options.
  • Wood: Wood is one of the most common building materials for dog houses because it provides your animal with good protection from the elements. Wood is also more naturally insulated than other materials, making it a better outdoor option in the colder months. Wood models often utilize plywood, but they can also use cedar wood, which can reduce issues with fleas and ticks in some locations.
  • Plastic: Plastic dog houses are highly durable, do not have issues with rot, and never require refinishing to ensure a long product life. They are also lightweight, allowing for easy transport. Plastic models do not have flea issues, and they also are easy to clean because you can simply use soap and water.

What style of roofs are available?

Different products come equipped with varying styles of roofs, each of which offers a unique style and benefits. The A-frame design of a pitched roof is a classic look, and this style often comes with an option to insert an inner ceiling to retain heat better in colder weather. Single-panel roofs are also common, and they are naturally better insulators in colder weather due to the compact space they provide, keeping your dog warmer. Other shapes, such as domes, can also be used to provide a unique look. Regardless of your style preference, selecting a dog house with a removable top is beneficial for easy cleaning, and it allows you to control the amount of sunlight inside.

What is the purpose of a raised floor?

A raised floor provides a few extra inches of insulation underneath your dog for increased warmth. This extra space helps reduce issues with fleas, prevents water from getting inside, and decreases problems with plywood rot, thereby prolonging the life of your dog house.

What dog houses are available on eBay?

When you need a new or used dog house on eBay, You can search through eBay's categories to find the perfect dog house for your needs. Some of these categories are:

  • Type - There are indoor dog houses, kennel & run dog houses, outdoor dog houses, and tents.
  • Size - It is important to ensure that your dog has plenty of space to turn around, lie down, and stretch out inside. Models are available in a number of size options ranging from XS to XXL.
  • Material - Choices include fabric, metal, plastic, resin, or wood.
  • Features - If you're looking for a dog house with extra features, eBay's choices include heated, insulated, portable, raised, or ones with a removable roof.