Dog Leads to Make Walks Fun

"Walkies!" is a word that brings joy to the heart of almost any dog. Exercise, company, and a chance to sniff at various trees, bushes, fences, and other dogs – it's a pooch's paradise. However, keeping control over your dog is important in keeping them safe and happy, too. That's where good quality dog head collars and leads come into play. Whether your pup is large or small, you can find the items you need to keep walks from turning into battles, while keeping them relaxed and comfortable.

Classic leather for classy pooches

Leather leashes come in all sorts of colours and styles. You can find pressed composite leather, solid leather straps, and braided leather dog leads. Leather has the advantages of being strong and looking great. It's also quite stain-resistant. When it gets dirty – and it will, if your dog has their way! – you can generally clean it with simply a damp cloth. Add some leather polish to keep it shiny and supple, and it will last for ages.

Nylon for tough or stretchy dog leads

Big and boisterous dogs – even the best-tempered – can sometimes forget that they have a human with them that they're supposed to be paying attention to. A stretchy dog lead, similar in appearance to a surfboard leash, can cut down on the amount of jarring caused when your pooch finds something interesting and bounces off suddenly.

It can also limit the potential for injury to the dog when you pull back on the leash, as the increase in pressure is gradual rather than sudden and sharp. Nylon dog leads have another advantage, whether they're stretchy or not – they cope better with getting wet, especially in salt water. If you frequently walk your dog beside the ocean, pick nylon over leather for durability.