Dog Muzzles

Dog muzzles for your companion when out and about

Also known as dog masks, muzzles are particularly useful for very large and powerful dogs, or even for a smaller animal who is prone to barking and nipping.

Sometimes very young, fearful or boisterous pups can lash out and bite other dogs or even humans, and a muzzle is a safe and convenient way of preventing that from happening. By choosing the ideal muzzle to fit over your dogs snout, you can be sure that your dog is comfortable and secure.

Nylon dog muzzles

Available in different sizes, breathable nylon mesh muzzles are extremely strong, lightweight and durable. Available in a variety of colours and ideal for trips to the vets or groomers they not only help to avoid biting and barking but theyre chew-proof and tear-proof as well.

With a quick release buckle and fully adjustable strap, the inner part of the nylon mask is equipped with softer fabric material to avoid chafing and irritation.

Leather dog masks

Strong, hard-wearing faux-leather dog muzzles are very practical for stopping any dogs that like to bite and chew, and once correctly fitted its very difficult for them to get it off with its paws.

Handcrafted and specially designed for maximum comfort and safety these high quality, wipe-clean muzzles are great for training, travelling, guarding, patrolling and meeting new people.

Steel wire muzzles

These wire muzzles usually have a basket shape to them and are highly recommended by vets, behaviourists and dog trainers. Great for walks on a dog lead and playing, theyre designed to prevent biting, chewing and swallowing things they shouldnt.

However, your dog can still drink water as well as continuing to breathe through their mouth and nose and pant freely. Once fitted correctly, not only will you feel more confident in handling your dog yourself, your dog will then sense this confidence and feel a deeper sense of trust and security in return.

Whichever muzzle you decide is the perfect on for your pet, you can find the perfect fitting one amongst the range of dog supplies on eBay.