Nail Clippers for Dogs

It is advised that dog owners clip their dog’s nails once a week. What many owners may not know is that dog nail clippers are only one of the options for clipping a dog’s nails. Other dog supplies that will also do the job are nail scissors, nail files and grinders and trimmers.

Nail Clippers and Scissors

Nail clippers and scissors are the most common way to clip a dog’s nails. Guillotine-style clippers have a small loop or hole that the nail is placed in and a cutting blade that snips the nail. Scissor-style clippers operate like scissors or pliers with a notch in one blade to fit the nail in. When using nail clippers, first look at the dog’s nail and note where the quick is. Trim below the quick. If the nail is trimmed too much, it may bleed and cause distress to the dog.

Nail Files

Smoothing and shaping a dog’s nails after trimming is important and can prevent painful scratches on owners, dogs and others. Simple nail files, similar to ones used on humans, can be purchased. Alternatives include scratching pads that let dogs smooth their own nails on a sandpaper-like mat. This is a good option for people who might have dogs that don’t enjoy having their paws handled.

Nail Grinders and Trimmers

Electric grinders and trimmers come with a variety of swappable heads and can include options for fur trimming as well. These devices are often designed to be low-vibration, minimising discomfort to dogs. In addition to using a grinder or trimmer on fur, grooming brushes can be used.

Dog Nail Health

Clipping a dog’s nails keep them neat and it can also prevent damage. If a dog’s nails are too long, their weight distribution and natural alignment can be affected, making movement uncomfortable or painful and potentially causing injuries. Outside dogs will often wear their nails down faster on rougher surfaces, but inside dogs will need theirs trimmed more regularly.