Protect your home and your pup with dog nappies

While you might generally associate nappies with children, many pet owners know the importance of dog nappies or belly bands for their furry friends. What is a dog nappy? They are the same as the nappies you would use for a child but made for dogs. Like baby nappies, dog nappies are available in cloth or disposable. The former are reusable but will require a wash between uses. Disposable dog nappies are easy to use and more convenient, and they’re available on eBay.

What dog nappies to buy

For male dogs, you can opt for a belly band. This is a lightweight shell that wraps around the midsection and has an absorbent liner to soak up urine. For female dogs, only a dog nappy will work. You can also use full dog nappies for male dogs.

Urinary incontinence in dogs is a problem that can be caused by a weakened muscle, a disease, or an infection. Even well-trained dogs can fall prey to this and struggle with controlling their urine. If your dog is suddenly having accidents and you have reason to believe it isn't a behavioural issue then dog nappies can help while your vet looks for a resolution. If your dog is elderly and starts having accidents then dog nappies will likely be part of your daily routine.

Many owners opt to use dog nappies or belly bands as house-training tools. Of course, this is more to protect furniture, but it can be a useful tool if you take your dog out regularly and the diaper is simply a backup. Of course, there is another important use for dog nappies which is to protect your home when a female dog is in season. Not only will this prevent licking, but it will also save your home furnishings.

Once you've shopped for dog nappies and belly bands, you might also like to check out eBay's other dog offerings, such as dog clothing and shoes or costumes.