Dog Raised Bowls

Dog Raised Bowls

Because your dog or cat is part of the family, you want to choose dog dishes, feeders and fountains, such as raised bowls, that also have convenient features. Because pets can be finicky and you also have preferences, feeders are available in ceramic, silicone and other materials. For convenience, most of these portable bowls are dishwasher safe and BPA-free.

Stainless Steel Dog Raised Bowls

Stainless steel dog raised bowls are available in two-unit designs to give your pet access to food and water in one place. Bowls rest inside a metal base so you can remove them for refills and cleanings. Likewise, the feeder may be adjustable to accommodate your furry friends height, which is helpful for older dogs with aching joints. These elevated feeding stations make eating and drinking easier and help the animal digest food better. Bowls come in different sizes, such as small, medium or large.

Wood Dog Raised Bowls

Consider a wooden dog raised bowl that you can paint or leave the finish untouched to match the surrounding decor. It may include a single r two bowls, either the same size or different sizes. Choose a finish, such as mahogany, white for a Shabby Chic look or a rubbed black surface. Additionally, you can select a size ranging from M to XXXXL to relieve strain on your dogs legs, neck and back. These handcrafted stand comes with bowls that fit inside cutouts to eliminate spilling the contents.

Plastic Dog Raised Bowls

Plastic dog raised bowls are available in several colours to brighten up your pets feeding area. Some include a grid design that helps your dog slow down when eating to reduce food intake. Made from high-quality plastic, they may feature a non-skid bottom prevent your pet from pushing it around.