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Dog Ramps

For many dog owners, their dog is much more than just a pet – he is part of the family. As part of the family, he gets treats and toys, a nice warm dog bed and a roof over his head. In return, he gives endless loyalty, love and affection. But sometimes, he needs a little help to get by in the human world. Humans build their homes to suit themselves, not their little furry buddies. And while most dogs can adapt pretty easily to any environment, occasionally there are things they just can’t adapt to.

For small dogs with little legs, for old dogs and for dogs that are poorly, jumping up onto the sofa, onto the bed or into the car is just too much for them. Which is where the dog ramp comes in. Dog ramps are portable ramps that allow dogs to easily climb up onto higher areas, such as the car, when they’re going for a ride, or even up into bed, if they are lucky enough to be allowed to sleep with their human.

These dog ramps can come in all shapes and sizes, with some that fold away for easy storage, and some that convert from a ramp into a step ladder. Working in a similar way to a dog ramp, dog stairs provide an easy alternative to the ramp, offering portable steps than can be moved around the house.

Buying a Dog Ramp

When buying a dog ramp, there are a few important factors to consider. First up, portability. This is especially important if the ramp is meant for car use, as it must be easy to fold away and store in the car. Next is functionality. Certain dog ramps may be weight rated, so that they are only suitable for dogs up to a given size. Last, looks. If the dog ramp or dog stairs are to be a permanent fixture in the house, they should fit the décor as much as possible. Now, check out all the options on eBay, home to all doggie essentials such as dog ramps and other dog supplies!