Dog Spot-On Treatments

If you have a dog, then there's no doubt you've had to treat your pet for several common situations, including fleas. Easy-to-apply flea treatments for dogs are available in an array of brands and types to combat everything from fleas to ticks to worms and more. Select the right flea-and-tick treatment for your pet based on his or her weight, on how often you should apply the flea medicine for dogs, and on which medical issues you are treating your animal for in order to get the right treatment for your pet.

What Are the Spot Treatment Types?

You can buy flea treatment for dogs as just flea medicine on its own, or you can purchase a combination treatment that includes both flea and tick medicine. Some types of spot treatments also prevent worms, so you can take care of all your dog's needs with one type of treatment, if necessary. Most spot treatments consist of several single-dose treatments that you'll need to apply either weekly or monthly. The doses are usually a small amount of liquid that comes from a capsule tube that you break to apply the medication to your pet.

Which Brands Make Spot-On Treatments?

Browse by brand to find just the right flea and tick medicine for your dog. Some brands may offer multiple medications in one, and some may offer more doses for an affordable price. Some well-known flea treatment brands to consider include Frontline, which produces flea-and-tick medication for dogs of all sizes, and Advantage, which offers a separate treatment for fleas. Another is Advocate, a brand that produces combination treatments that treat fleas, heartworms and worms in one single dose of medicine for dogs of all weights and sizes.

How Do You Buy Spot-On Treatments?

To purchase dog spot-on flea and tick treatments, you'll need to know how much your dog weighs. Treatments are categorised by dog size, such as XS, M or L to suit every breed of canine. Then, you'll need to decide whether your dog should be treated solely for fleas, or whether he or she requires a combination product that treats both fleas and ticks or fleas, ticks and worms. Lastly, decide how much medicine you'd like to purchase. You can buy a monthly supply, six months of medicine or a yearly supply of treatment so you don't have to worry about purchasing more when you need it.