Dog Tags & Charms

Dog Tags and Charms

Dog collars may be one of the most popular ways to set your dog apart from others, but if you want a little more customisation, a couple of dog tags and charms could really spice things up. Some handmade dog tags and charms can do just fine, though not all will have the level of consistency when making extras. Steel and aluminium varieties are machine milled, so you are assured that the names and overall tag quality are consistent in all your copies.


Aluminium dog tags and charms come in a healthy variety of colours and customisation options. The vendor will typically ask you what name to engrave into each tag, and they machine or etch it into the metal as a permanent mark. These tags usually come in a powder-coated finish, often in bright colours that ensure high visibility. Simply choose a design you like, make the order, and communicate with the vendor regarding the fine details. This metal is also very light and shouldn't weigh down your dog at all, even if you hook up more than one charm or tag.


Stainless steel dog tags and charms are also widely available. These are heavier than aluminium but less malleable and have a shiny finish that's hard to miss. Like aluminium, stainless steel does not rust and has a pleasant jingle to it, owing to its extra density and heft. Choose charms that include tiny bells or other small, sturdy trinkets so there will be no mistaking your dog at the park.

Mix and Match

You can go all out by mixing and matching tags of both materials. Combining steel and aluminium tags will add another layer of customisation that will not only make it easier to identify your pup but is just plain cute as well.


Another thing you can do is purchase identical charms for you and your dogs. You can wear it everyday or only when you take them out. One thing’s for sure, no one will mistake your dog as their own.