Dog Water Fountains

Just like us, dogs (and cats!) need regular access to fresh clean drinking water throughout the day. Leave water sitting in a bowl for too long and it will become stagnant and a breeding ground for all kinds of airborne contaminants, and those that dribble from your fur baby's mouth! Running water is best, as any pet that goes for a running or dripping tap over their water bowl will attest! Dog water foundations come in a range of options, for helping your pet keep hydrated.

How Do Dog Water Fountains Work?

A pet fountain can work in a couple of different ways. Some of these are:

  • Tiered: Tiered water fountains usually have a water bowl or holder inside another bowl. The water is gravity fed down into the lower bowl as your dog drinks the water from the bottom - similar to a water cooler. These are great if you need a portable dog water foundation to move to different locations.
  • Electric: An electric dog water bowl fountain usually circulates the water through a filtration system to prevent bacteria forming. With the continuous water flow and sound of water running in an automatic dog waterer, pets often enjoy the noise, motion and freshness. An electric dog fountain is usually an indoor model.
  • Pet Activated: With these models, you can get your dog to water, make it drink, and teach it a new trick! With a pet activated dog water dispenser your dog learns to press a pad with their paws to shoot a stream of water for them to lap up. These dog water dispensers attach to a water hose for outdoor use.
  • Combination Feeders: Some products operate as a food feeder and water fountain combined, so your dog gets a two in one.

What Maintenance Do Dog Water Fountains Need?

As with a standard water bowl, you will still need to clean components regularly to prevent any build-up of bacteria and keep surfaces clean.