Dolls have been around for centuries. Children around the world love to take care of a baby that is completely theirs. Dress them, feed them, or take them out for a walk. Little ones get to do everything just like a real parent. Whats more, a soft doll makes a great sleeping partner when the time comes for your child to close their eyes for the night.

Barbie and Ken

Possibly the most recognisable doll on the market is the Barbie doll. She has been around for over 50 years and is still just as beloved as she was when she first hit the market. Barbie, along with Ken, can be found in more little girls playrooms than any other type of doll. With a number of body types and careers, Barbie and friends can do anything and be anyone, just like your child.

Just Like the Real Thing

Reborn dolls look just like the real thing. Dont be surprised if you get double takes when someone sees your little one carrying a real-life infant around the shop. Choose between ones that look to be just born and others that seem to be a few months old. Everything from the wrinkles on the legs to the facial expression is as real as you can get on a toy.

Past Eras

Over the years, designs, clothing, and hairstyles have changed. Re-live what was once fashionable with a vintage doll, possibly from a time before you were born. Whether you are looking for a play toy or for a new addition to your collection, an older model stands out and starts conversations.

Made by Hand

Get a one of a kind baby with a handmade doll designed with you in mind. Get the personal touch that the assembly line cannot provide. Homemade makes for beautiful collectibles that deserve to be displayed and showcased for years.