Doll's House Furniture

A guide to doll house furniture

Whether you're shopping for a child or revisiting the toys of your childhood, doll houses have a special place in the hearts of people around the world. Doll house furniture is the heart of any doll house, able to be moved and situated to create the home of your dreams.

Types of doll house furniture

Doll houses have been a popular toy for children for decades, and doll house furniture has been around for just as long. Doll house furniture has grown with time, now offering everything from a microwave to a doll house dining set. One way you can categorise doll house furniture is by its material. Older-style doll house furniture is usually made from wood. It's sometimes painted, though many times its left as simple carved wood. Though wooden doll house furniture is still common for playing, it's also used by some as collectables.

Doll house furniture can also be made from plastic. Plastic doll house furniture is a newer style than wooden furniture and benefits from its durability. Plastic furniture can also be intricately painted, helping each piece look as realistic as possible.

Choosing your doll house furniture

If you're wondering how to choose the right doll house furniture for you or your child, you might first consider how much it will be used. If the furniture will likely be played with by several children each day, plastic doll house furniture might be the best choice, as it's durable and able to withstand hours and hours of play. For older children, wooden doll house furniture can add a beautiful element to their house, especially if they already have wooden doll houses. If you're choosing doll house furniture to admire or collect, vintage collections are often full of nostalgia and elegance.

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