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Discover the  wonderful world of make-believe through dollhouses and miniatures

What is it about dollhouses and miniatures that appeal to people of every age? They’ve entertained and delighted children and adults alike for generations, and have evolved into so much more than a toy.

From a simple wooden cottage to an Edwardian mansion, find the dollhouse of your dreams and set about filling it with perfectly designed to-scale miniatures including doll house furniture such as bedroom sets, kitchen sets, dining sets, bathroom sets, cabinets and cupboards, coffee tables, sofas, cookware and tableware, and all sorts of fixtures and fittings. A Victorian dollhouse captures all the grandeur of the period, or perhaps your child would love to embark on a wonderful project building his or her own dollhouse by hand.

Some of your favourite toy brands have created dollhouses and miniatures but perhaps none is more recognisable than Barbie. Cute and modern Barbie doll houses with miniature furniture and accessories are bound to delight your Barbie fan. Barbie will be right at home in her very own place.

There’s a lot more to consider than tables, chairs and beds when it comes to furnishing your dollhouse.  You can buy a realistic miniature wall lamp or fridge, a garden chair or a deck of playing cards. Don’t forget to stock the bar with miniature glasses and bottles! The list is endless. And of course, a  house is not a home until you fill it with people. Find a family of wooden dolls with moveable arms and legs or kickstart your collection of the much-loved, nostalgic Sylvanian families houses and figures.

Big or small, made from wood, plastic, paper or porcelain, dollhouses and miniatures are a classic and timeless purchase that brings out the happy child in all of us.