Dolls & Teddy Bears

Give them something to squeeze with a selection of dolls and teddy bears

Dolls and teddy bears have been reliable Christmas, birthday and general gifts for decades for a reason, as they've brought millions of smiles to millions of faces around the world for years. eBay's huge selection can help you find something to suit your gift list, whether you're searching for a special style in particular or want to make your own.

Beloved dolls and key accessories

Searching for dolls to give as a gift or add to your own personal collection? eBay is home to hundreds of sellers ready to help you out. Shop by store, including favourites like Big W and Toys R Us, and find popular characters like those from Toy Story and Barbie, as well as go-to classics like princesses.

Check out lifelike Reborn baby dolls or find some vintage collectables to add to your display case. You can shop for porcelain dolls or ones featuring metal, silicone or vinyl aspects – you can even grab an Elf on the Shelf for Christmas.

You can also browse through a huge range of doll accessories, including dollhouses and miniature furniture, doll clothes and prams, shoes and bags and more. Shop for popular brands like Cabbage Patch Kids, or simply browse the deep listings online.

Teddy bears to treasure

Teddy bears are a traditional and timeless toy wonderful for children of all ages. From babies requiring comfort through to teens who want a little piece of their childhood back, teddy bears can be a companion for life. On eBay you can shop by size and choose a mini teddy bear to add to your collection, or find giant bears of 99cm and over. Or put some DIY effort in with the help of bear making kits.

Check out eBay's range of dolls and teddy bears today to find something for the kid on your gift list – or the kid inside of you.