Deliciously Wicked Donuts

Sweet tooth? Think warm donuts, fresh from the donut maker, lightly dusted in cinnamon and sugar. Deliciously wicked, donuts can be the ultimate treat for anyone with a sweet tooth. As a special treat, donuts are awesome. But to make it worthwhile, to make it worth all those burpees required to work each donut off, the treat has to be a good one. Sometimes supermarket donuts can be somewhat stale and unappetising. And, while donuts from donut shops are usually tasty, they can also be expensive. The solution? A home donut maker.

Buying a Donut Maker

A little luxury in the world of small kitchen appliances, a donut maker allows even amateur cooks to make their own donuts at home, guaranteed fresh, at a fraction of the cost of donut shop donuts. Donut makers actually come in a range of designs, depending on how the donuts are to be prepared and cooked. Traditionally, donuts are made using hot oil in a pan, or using a deep fat fryer. For anyone looking to use this method to cook their donuts, there are donut makers that create the perfect donut shape, ready to be squeezed into the oil.

Prefer a slightly healthier method of making donuts? Working in much the same way as a waffle maker, an electric donut maker features two non-stick baking plates complete with donut moulds, which turn standard donut batter into delightful donuts, without the aid of oil. Lastly, there is the donut shaper. This works like a cookie cutter to create donut shapes out of batter, which can then be baked. Sound like the perfect treat? Check out the amazing range of donut makers on eBay, to discover big brands like Babycakes, Unold and Tefal in a selection of brand new and used options.