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Door Closers

Stay safe with door closers

Door closers are essential pieces of safety hardware and work in a similar way to panic exit devices, providing maximum door security for your home or office. Find adjustable door closers, sliding models, Lockwood systems, not forgetting mounted, pneumatic, concealed, hydraulic and unbranded door closers.

A screen door closer is a spring-loaded hydraulic accessory that shuts a door automatically. The most popular type of door closer is the surface mounted door closer which is attached to the surface of the door or header.

Other models include concealed overhead door closers which are mounted inside the header above the door or within the door itself in addition to floor closers, which are installed underneath the threshold.

Choosing a door closer

Its incredibly important to choose the correct door closer for your home or business. When picking this type of hardware, make sure your fire door still shuts each and every time. Screen door closers come in all shapes and sizes, from adjustable to overhead, so youll need to be sure of the size and weight of the door, opening and closing frequency, position of the door, mounting location as well as the building specifications.

Concealed door closers

Concealed door closers are typically used when a door is double acting, in other words, it swings both ways. These adjustable door closers are frequently used in busy environments, like at the front door of a large office building. Concealed door closers, unlike surface closers, provide a hidden look.

Surface mounted door closers

By far the most popular type of door closer, surface mounted screen door security systems are fairly inexpensive and simple to fit. In contrast to concealed door closers which are usually prepared by the door manufacturer, surface mounted door closers dont require any extra preparation. This kind of hardware can be mounted in standard, top jamb or parallel arm arrangements.