Door Curtains

Keep your house open and breezy with some door curtains

The last thing you want in the summer is a load of pesky flies and mosquitos in your house, so spoil their party plans with a stylish door curtain. These great accessories come in a range of colours and designs and help to keep your house bug-free without detracting from your interior décor.

Mesh screen door curtains

Complete with handy magnetic snap fastenings, mesh screen door curtains are hands-free, allowing you to pass through the door easily, even if you have your hands full with food or drinks. The magnetic strip will self-seal once youve gone through, creating a flawless bug proof mesh curtain.

The mesh is fine, providing an effective barrier against midges, mosquitos and moths whilst allowing air to circulate freely, making it ideal for all rooms. These curtains fit all standard Australian doors, are easy to fit yourself and can be cut to size making them perfect if you want to cover windows too.

String bead door/window curtains

Designed for internal doors, such as living rooms and bedrooms, string bead curtains are beautifully crafted to add atmosphere and aesthetics. The drops are made from low elastic yarn, making them hardwearing and practical and the beads are layered slightly to give a sense of depth and to provide an effective deterrent to flying insects.

Tulle voile door curtains

For a modern and creative look, you may prefer voile curtain panels. They are sheer and gauzy to let in the maximum light whilst keeping those flying critters outside your doors and windows. You can choose any design, from two panels in the same colour that draw like traditional curtains, to any number of panels in complementing colours to create a spectrum/rainbow effect.

Other door curtains

From patterned, floral door curtains to lined curtains, bamboo or even animal design dividers you can find a huge variety of materials and colours that will look stylish as well as keeping the bugs out.