Door hinges for any design

Practical and functional, door hinges control the ease of opening and closing every type of door in your home. From heavy-duty stainless steel hardware for exterior doors, to pivot kits and swing gate adjustable hinges, you'll find exactly what you need on eBay.

Standard fixtures & fittings

Rust resistant steel gate door hinges are the standard choice for most homes. The heavy-duty ball bearing fittings are attached to doors with screws. The hinges are available in a selection of finishes to complement door handles. Suitable for internal and exterior doors, and fire rated doors.

We have lift off

Rising action door hinges are ideal for doors in rooms that have thick carpeting. The lift off door hinges offer a smooth opening and gliding action, and are suitable for all types of doors.

Hinges for swingers

Free swing pivot doors require hinges that consist of a retractable top pivot set and a heavy-duty bottom pivot and strap. The door hinges are typically used on aluminium and timber doors. To ensure gates swing freely and smoothly, choose adjustable hinges designed especially for gates.

Radius style

Stainless steel satin chrome door hinges that feature a central radius column are commonly known as butt radius hinges. The hinge is attached with 6 fixing screws that are not usually supplied.

Concealed door hinges

Door hinges that sit flush against the door are concealed by the woodwork.

Antique look door hinges

Vintage door hinges traditionally have an understated design. The rectangular hinges feature 4 or 6 holes for screws. Matte black is an alternative finish to the standard stainless steel.

Other types of door hinges

Tee hinges often have a matte black finish and a rustic appeal. They are a popular choice for cupboards.

Frameless hinges are typically used to fix glass shower doors to the wall in the bathroom. The hinges boast a strong bearing capacity and noiseless opening and closing.