Decorative Door Knockers

Decorative door knockers are such a simple and brilliant way to bring personalised charm and character to your home. Whether you are particularly looking for a simple, brass door knocker or perhaps a shape like a fox or a skull, you can find the decorative knocker of your dreams online.

What Types of Decorative Door Knockers are Available Online?

You should aim to find a decorative door knocker which is the perfect fit for your door, and your overall houses design. Luckily, when shopping on the Internet, you can select from a range of different knockers. This makes it easy to find just the item youre looking for. If youre budget conscious, you may like to consider browsing the unbranded decorative door knockers listed online. If youre looking for a more ornate option, be sure to check out the nautical brass door knockers and reproduction architectural and garden antique door knockers available.

How Do You Select a Door Knocker?

There are a few different factors to keep in mind to help you choose the right decorative door knocker. For example:

  • Specifications: Youll want your knocker to sit approximately head height and feature a outstanding colour which is particularly helpful at night. The weight of your knocker influences how easily you will hear it from inside the house so it is something to consider carefully. Also, if you love the look of aged door knockers, dont purchase a new door knocker, thinking it will age quickly when exposed to the elements. It will take a very long time for knockers to develop an aged look.
  • Door Protection: Consider selecting a door knocker that comes with a built-in strike plate to prevent your new knocker damaging the doors surface. Strike plates can also help amplify the sound of your knocker.

What Other Types of Door Accessories are Available Online?

When shopping for decorative knockers, it makes sense to check out the other types of door hardware and accessories sold on the Internet. For example, if you love antique designs, you may be like Georgian antique door knobs and handles. Regardless of your particular aesthetic preferences, you should be able to track down decorative door accessories to suit your home and taste. Some of these accessory types include: door stops, snakes and seals.