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Doro Mobile Phones

Doro mobile phone designs have seniors or older members of the population in mind. There’s no doubt about it, as we age things can change - our eyesight, hearing, dexterity and cognitive abilities to adapt to new things. The Doro range is great for anyone with physical restrictions or limitations that may find it difficult to use other types of phones. Their designs and features make it easy to keep in touch and keep up with the things mobile phones have to offer.

Doro Easy Range

The models in Doro’s Easy Phone range cover everything you need in a mobile phone. They are compatible with hearing aids and have large keys and displays to make it easier to see, hear and dial. Easy to operate assist buttons can be programmed with numbers of key contacts that will be dialled automatically if needed. Basic no-frills entry-level phones are ideal for anyone who just wants the basics for texting and making or receiving calls. Doro Mobile Phones with camera’s and more advanced models include features like video messaging, email and web browsers and backlit keypads, all with simple functionality. The handsets in the Easy Phone range include one piece, and flip top or clamshell designs.

Doro Secure Models

The Doro Secure models, within the Easy Range, are perfect for technophobes, the very elderly, anyone with learning limitations, or anyone who just needs simple straightforward access to calling a few people. The front layout is simply four big buttons to programme and label with names to dial at one touch of a button. The answer and hang up buttons are clear and easy to press for incoming calls.

Doro Smart Phone Range

Doro’s Smart Phones range from basic but intuitive devices to those with more bells and whistles. Screens and icons are large and clear, and as with all phones in the Doro range, they too have good sound quality and are hearing aid compatible. Assistance or alert buttons provide extra security and peace of mind for reaching out to someone easily if required.

Accessories for Doro Mobile Phones

Recharging accessories needed for Doro phones depend on the model, some use a cable and others sit in a cradle. Doro mobile phone chargers and cradles are available for standard power connections and 12V cigarette lighter sockets in vehicles. Other accessories include pouches, flip cases and belt-clip cases with screen protectors for keeping your mobile safe and secure.