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Double Basses

Rockabilly has made a great comeback, gaining popularity in the music scene. An essential aspect of any rockabilly band is the double bass. These beautiful instruments have a true acoustic bass sound that can’t be beaten. Double basses come with a bow and gig bag so you will have everything you need to master the instrument if you are a beginner. For the experienced musicians, the double bass is a wonderful addition to any instrument collection. Double basses can be purchases in 3/4 or full size and have a range of different options for colour and wood grains. For a true rockabilly look, consider a black double bass with some custom features to make you stand out from the crowd. The original wood grain look of the 3/4 double bass or full size are breathtaking to have on display, as part of an orchestra or to give your band that added edge.

Double Bass Accessories

Double bass accessories can be purchased to customise your double basses or improve the storage and transportability of your precious instrument. These instruments can be difficult to transport from venue to venue because of their size. Consider making this a breeze with a double bass caddy. These caddies have been designed to easily fit a double bass and have wheels to make transporting and moving them convenient and easy. You may also like to add an end stopper so that you may play seated or standing without the need to worry about your double bass shifting on a slippery surface. This is a great idea if you are unsure of what the venue’s flooring will be made from, so you can play in comfort. Avoid an embarrassing slip and purchase a donut or end stopper.

Double Bass Bows

Complete your customised look by purchasing a double bass string bow. Double bass bows come in varied sizes depending on your needs. They can be purchased in 4/4, 3/4, 1/2 and 1/8th sizes. This ensures that you will have the correct bow that is suitable for you and your double bass. Made from natural horse hair and fine grain timber, a quality bow is checked for straightness and strength of the hair used so you can rely on your bow to let your musical talents soar.