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Double Prams & Strollers

Twice the fun with double prams and strollers

Congratulations on your growing family. Theres nothing quite like getting out into the great outdoors, exploring your neighborhood on a walk or jog, going to the park, walking the dog, and generally getting out and about. Whether you have recently had twins, or if you have a slightly older toddler and their new sibling, with the extensive range of double prams and strollers available here on eBay, and the flexibility of online shopping, you wont need to leave home to find a wonderful solution for all your walking and jogging plans.

Examine the features of double prams and strollers

The first thing to check when looking for a double stroller is whether it has a suggested weight or age range. Youll want to make sure the double buggy is appropriate for your children. Also check the maximum weight usage to ensure youre not overloading the frame with your kids as well as your nappy bags and other accessories. Check the width of the double pram to ensure youll be able to fit it through your doors and hallway at home. You definitely dont want the hassle of having to struggle to get the kids through the door.

If one (or more) of your children are newborns, you need the pram to include a flat carry cot or lie flat seat, so thats an important feature to look out for. There are also two main styles of double pram. The first is called twin, and this is where the kids sit side by side. The other option is tandem, where the kids are either above and below, or in front and behind each other. The benefit of the tandem set up is the pram will be thinner and easier to navigate through doors, but one of the children usually has a more obstructed view.

While youre considering the type of double prams and strollers to fit into your lifestyle, dont hesitate to check out the full range of prams and strollers, including the range of Bugaboo prams and strollers. Whatever the double prams and strollers to suit your children, youre sure to be doubly impressed with the options available right here on eBay today.