Double trouble means it's time for a double pram

When your family grows, and you've got two infants, whether they're twins or a baby and a toddler then you'll know it's time to get serious and double that buggy to make life easier for you.

Whether you call it a double stroller, tandem buggy or a twin pram, the principle is the same; you can load both kids and still get stuff done.

Steelcraft double prams

The Steelcraft Agile and Enigma twin buggies are a classic side by side design, so your little ones are sat next to each other, both facing forwards. The Steelcraft Strider is slightly different; with the second seat positioned underneath, the higher seat is reversible to face forward or backwards, making it an excellent choice for the younger of two children, even from newborn.

All Steelcraft pram models share some common features; adjustable backrests, handles and leg rests, a basket underneath for your essentials, five-point harnesses, a footmuff and a hood or canopy. The main difference is that whilst the other models have 4 wheels, the Elite has 3, making it very easy to manoeuvre.

Valco tandem buggies

Whilst Valco also manufacture side by side double strollers, many of their models are inline tandem buggies, which have one seat in front of the other.

The Vee Bee Doubletake is a great example, being spacious stadium-style seats with the rear one being slightly higher so both infants can see, a fully reclining back seat perfect for younger babies, both seats equipped with independent hoods, and a lightweight aluminium frame, which is easy to fold and store.

Whatever stroller you decide to opt for, ensure the practicalities of the pram are aligned with what you need, whether that be storage space, seat size or positioning to easy functionalities. Two or more children can be a handful, but with a sturdy double pram by your side, you'll be equipped with the right equipment to deal with each day as it comes.