Down Camping Sleeping Bags

Down Camping Sleeping Bags

If you love camping trips at any time of year, its important that you have the right kind of sleeping bag that will keep you warm on bitterly cold nights. A quality branded or unbranded down sleeping bag should be an important part of any hiking or camping gear list, so you can have a good nights sleep and be ready to tackle the next days activities.

Why is Down a Good Choice for Sleeping Bags?

When purchasing a new down sleeping bag, it is good to know why it is suitable for your needs.

  • Durable: Down is very resilient and keeps its warm and fluffy even after years of use.
  • Long lasting: A good quality down sleeping bag is an investment that should last you at least ten years.
  • Easy to compress: Unlike other sleeping bag materials, down compresses down to a small size, which is handy for when you dont have much space in your pack.

Are There Different Styles of Down Camping Sleeping Bags?

Innovations in the camping industry and the needs of campers and hikers alike have seen some fantastic new products on the market aside from standard sleeping bags.

  • Mummy down sleeping bag: You know that horrible feeling when your head and neck feel cold but you just cant pull your sleeping bag up high enough? You solve this problem with a mummy down sleeping bag. This type of sleeping bag covers you from head to toe with a drawstring cover around your head that leaves only some of your face exposed.
  • Double down sleeping bags: Camping with your partner used to mean having to have your own sleeping bag each, but now you can buy a double sleeping bag so you can snuggle up together. Some double sleeping bags can split into two single bags for when it is not possible to sleep right next to each other.
  • Waterproof down sleeping bags: Waterproof sleeping bags are a lifesaver when camping in the snow or rain and will guarantee that you dont wake up in the puddle of water.

What Temperatures are Down Sleeping Bags Good For?

Down sleeping bags are ideal when the nighttime temperatures fall below zero. Each sleeping bag serves particular conditions, so check the specifications to ensure that you will be able to keep warm where you are heading. If a bag says -10 degrees, this means it is suitable for air temperatures of -10 degrees or warmer. If you know that it is likely that the temperature could fall to -20, then you are better off finding a winter sleeping bag that will accommodate.

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