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Dr. Martens Leather Boots for Women

Dr Martens Womens Leather Boots

Many will say that boots, especially leather boots, are essential to your footwear collection; and not just one pair will suffice. You need different heights for different fashion styles. Dr Martens womens boots offer a variety of choices for your particular taste and need.

Tall Boots

To complete your fashionable wardrobe, have a pair of Dr Martens knee-high boots for women. You may check out Dr. Martens Chianna. It features a full-length zip and neoprene panel interior for upper leg breathable comfort. Soles are air-cushioned, oil and slip resistant. The brand sews them in instead of gluing them. Feel light with Lausanne, a lightweight Nappa leather material that features in this particular line.

Ankle and Mid-Calf Boots

It’s advisable to keep an extra pair of Dr Martens mid-calf womens boots or other low-cut pairs. This grants flexibility when pairing clothes with boot wear. Dr. Martens Coraline Grizzly is available in soft-grained brown and black lightweight leather. The boots are tough looking but easy and comfortable to wear.

Size and Style

Sometimes, with Dr. Martens women’s boots, styles will cause variation. You’ll find yourself needing a size bigger or smaller when trying on a certain design. Pointed shoes feel tighter, so you may want to order a larger size than normal. Wider-toed shoes run bigger, so go down a size for those types. Unisex footwear will have a wider fit than regular women’s boots. If you find yourself in need of bigger shoes, you can purchase insoles to make up for the extra gap.

Leather Care

Care for your leather womens boots by avoiding use on wet days; mildew may set in and compromise durability. You may opt for leather seal features in a new pair, or you may look around for leather-sealing services to make your boots waterproof.