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Why are Dr. Martens boots still popular?

Maybe it's their air-cushioned soles, distinctive yellow stitching or welted construction that has made Doc Martens still so popular and relevant today. Initially worn by skinheads in the 1960s, the shoe since graduated to scooter riders and punks by the late 1980s, and now can be seen on the feet of fictional characters like Daria, and real-life celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Jared Leto and Robert Pattinson.

Since 1947, the cult footwear that is known as Dr. Martens is more than just a pair of shoes - it's a lifestyle.

How to wear your Doc Martens boot

It's one of the few versatile types of footwear that can be worn with just about any look. For the ladies, you can instantly make that pretty floral summer dress a reminiscent nod to the early 90s with a pair of grungy Docs. For the guys - do you want to look like you belong in a Nirvana video clip? Wear them with dark blue jeans and a flannel shirt wrapped around your waist. Basically, the answer will always be a resounding 'yes' if you look in the mirror and ask yourself Will my Docs go with this outfit?

Types of Doc Marten boots

From eyelet lace-ups to zips, buckles or slip-on boots, Doc Marten has a footwear style for you. There's a DM boot that will match any outfit as they are available in a range of colours. Choose from the standard black women and men's boot to brown or red, purple, green, or even glitter! As for style, there's ankle boots, mid-calf boots or knee-high boots. You can even get high heeled DMs! It really is a shoe that you'll be able to throw on, regardless of what you are wearing.

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