Dr. Numb

Dr. Numb is one of the most trusted names in numbing creams and it works to remove some of the sensations and pain that you might feel during beauty treatments, tattoos and medical procedures. Dr. Numb uses one of the purest forms of lidocaine, which gives it its numbing powers. A single dose of Dr. Numb is easy to apply and can last for hours, making it particularly useful for those getting waxing, tattoos and piercings to reduce the pain commonly felt.

Works with Skin to Remove Pain

The key ingredient in Dr. Numb is lidocaine, which is a numbing anaesthetic that has been in common use in the medical industry for years. Dr. Numb uses a non-oily formula, which means it stays on your skin during all kinds of procedures like waxing and tattooing, and won’t come off with perspiration. This cream is able to reduce the pain felt by making the area numb, resulting in a more enjoyable experience.

Long Lasting Use

One application of Dr. Numb is reported to last for up to three hours and 30 minutes, with the option to reapply after this time for further effects. These long-lasting results mean the topical anaesthetic is ideal for long sessions of laser removal, tattoo application and other beauty treatments but also great for one-time uses like needle injections during medical procedures.

A Simple Application

Dr. Numb is easy to apply and fast to get results. All you need to do is wash and dry the area you are treating, apply a thick amount of cream to the skin, cover with wrap, and then wait for your industry professional to remove it. This topical numbing cream is used in all areas including professional sports, cosmetics, and body art providers, or as a simple analgesic cream to treat chronic pain.

Multipurpose Cream

The most popular use for Dr. Numb is as a tattoo numbing cream and it’s favoured by many industry professionals for this reason. Dr. Numb is great for a variety of other uses, though, including reducing the pain of needle injections, laser tattoo removal therapy, makeup tattooing, body waxing and skin piercing procedures.