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Draft Stoppers

Draft stoppers to keep your home cosy

When its windy outside and youre planning a cosy night in, drafts can really spoil the mood. No one wants cold air sneaking in under doors and windows as drafts cause doors and windows to creak and bang and lower the room temperature. For a quick, effective and long-term solution, a draft excluder/draft stopper eliminates unpleasant drafts completely.

Double-sided door snake draft stoppers

A double or twin draft door seal helps to prevent drafts on both internal and external doors. Most are made from two pieces of cylindrical foam, covered and attached together with hardwearing nylon material. They slide under your door, positioning the foam both inside and outside when the door is closed and protect your room completely from drafts, dust and odours.

Around 31” to 34” long, these effective draft dodgers fit all standard Australian doors and some designs can be cut to size, making them suitable for all doors and windows.

Silicone door seal/draft stoppers

Eco-friendly silicone is safe, odourless and flexible. These three-layered draft stoppers also double as effective soundproofing devices for both internal and external doors, reducing the noise of the wind as well as eliminating drafts. They are quick and easy to fit, can be cut to size using a decent pair of household scissors and fix firmly to the door using a thin layer of strong waterproof adhesive.

Handcrafted door snake draught excluders

For a homely and creative feel, a handcrafted door snake adds a touch of warmth to any room. Warm in winter and cool in summer, these decorative door snakes are energy efficient and suitable for all standard Australian doors. They also come in a wide range of fabrics to suit the style and décor of your home.

The fillings are usually polyfoam beans and/or washed gravels giving them a heavy beanbag feel. The designs of these quirky draft stoppers can vary from a simple cylindrical shape in different colours and patterns to specific shapes, like snakes and dachshunds. These decorative door accessories keep your home comfortable whilst adding a touch of charm.

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