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How're your drawing skills? Are you just starting out, or are you the next Leonardo da Vinci ready to hang your legacy on the walls of art history? Whatever level at which your skills currently sit, you could improve them by using the right equipment. eBay has a range of drafting tables and other equipment that can suit various spaces and needs, including yours.

You've heard of the standing desk, the clever device that some smart office workers use to keep the blood flowing to their legs? While they might be all the rage now, the drafting table predates this amazing invention by hundreds of years.

All throughout history, professional draftsmen and master illustrators have forged their craft at the face of drafting table desks. Walt Disney used one when he invented Mickey Mouse. Da Vinci used one when he sketched his first amazing inventions. Isn't it about time you employed one of these great pieces? eBay has a great range of drafting tables that can help you put the finishing touches on your work.

The benefits of a drafting table

With a drafting table, you can watch your work benefit from having all your tools within arm's reach, with your ruler right there and all of your colourful pencils laid out like a rainbow ready to use, making it a wonderful addition to your other office furniture .

You can adjust most drafting table desks with ease, changing the angle of the face to suit your shoulders or the height of the desk to better accomodate the length of your legs. Another thing to consider is the surface itself. You can choose a model with a glass surface so that a light underneath can transform it into a light table, or just stick with more traditional materials.

Whether you're a scrapbook keeper, a casual doodler or a professional draftsperson, a drafting table desk combined with the right office chair could be what you need to take your illustrations, art or designs to the next level. Check them out on eBay today!