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Dragon Men's Sunglasses

Men’s Dragon Sunglasses

Sunglasses have a very important practical use in protecting your eyes from the angry sun, but just as important is making sure it actually looks good. No one wants to see sunscreen smeared in white lines across his face, and no one wants to wear a bad pair of sunglasses. Dragon is a lifestyle brand specializing in eye protection, and their range of sunglasses has something for every man under the sun.

Strong and Flexible

Sunglasses need to go where you go; these glasses aren’t for reading in a library after all. Dragon uses a few different materials to make their sunglasses. Dragon plastic frame sunglasses are light and chunky, and hold on well. Dragon metal frame sunglasses tend to have thinner frames, but can be adjusted for comfort and fit. There is also a range of Dragon sunglasses that use a hybrid approach, so that there’s always a pair that fits you.

Sunglasses For Every Occasion

All of Dragon’s sunglasses feature trendy designs that complement an outfit without dominating it. The lenses range from rounded to angular. There are also sporty glasses that wrap around and run continuously from eyes to eye, almost like goggles, to protect your eyes from sea spray and snow so you can enjoy your lifestyle without worry of the sun. For more leisurely activities, such as a stroll along the beach as the sun sets, Dragon has men’s sunglasses with a variety of coloured lenses, such as green, yellow, or red. You can see the world in a whole new way, and match your outfit in a whole new way too.

Powerful Design

With over twenty years of experience, Dragon knows what it’s doing when it comes to glasses and goggles. They started in one garage in California, and have expanded into a worldwide lifestyle brand. They work with sporting professionals from a diverse range of background to engineer the best and best-looking glasses for the best look in every situation.